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Thread: Costs for Driving Tests

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    Default Costs for Driving Tests

    Hi Guys,

    I am new here. I have recently failed my driving test for the first time. While it wasn't a really bad drive, the fail was fair enough and I am not here to moan about that.

    My question is about fees for the driving tests. Obviously there is the £62 booking fee to the DSA, but my question is about the fee my instructor charged for the use of the car in the test. The test lasted 40 mins, plus about 10 minutes my instructor drove me home afterwards (he did not drive me there).

    Anyway the point is he charged me £75 for the use of the car for that test, which is the equivalent of 3 hours of driving lessons, his reason was that he has to take out specific test insurance.

    I was a bit annoyed he did not inform me before the test, as I assumed, maybe naively, I would only be paying 1-1.5 hours of car usage, ie. the time i was using it for for the test plus maybe a bit.

    I paid the fee without any quibble but is this normal? At almost £150 quid per test fail it really starts to mount up. Perhaps this is the wrong mental approach thinking in terms of number of future fails but I have a family and bills to pay and rightly or wrongly it IS a consideration. Many thanks.

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    Hi TobysPaw

    You will find that almost all instructors normally charge for two hours, which covers picking you up, a bit of practice combined with driving to the centre, waiting at the test centre, the test itself, the debrief and discussion, and the drive home.

    If circumstances are out of the ordinary, e.g. meeting the customer at the centre, or having to travel to a remote, then I charge for the time actually taken.

    Standard tuition insurance covers the test - I've never heard of an instructor needing special insurance. If he really did, it may be because he doesn't have tuition insurance!

    It sounds as though you've been totally ripped off, and I'd advise you to find another instructor. Good luck with the next test!

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    It does look a bit OTT but since most schools charge around £30 an hour it might depend on how far away from the test centre you are.

    In any case this will pale into insignificance when you come to insure your first car. Average premiums for male drivers aged 17 to 22 are more than £3,500.

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    I think a letter to the School is in order asking for a full explanation as to why the Instuctor's insurance was not in order for the Test. As has been said above, I paid for two hours lessons to cover the time of my test, and about a week later I received a cheque for half an hour as Instructor's time out only amounted to just under an hour and a half.

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    It might be a good idea to see if you can borrow a car from either a family member, or a mate, that would cut the cost down next time.

    Of course take a while to get used to it first, before taking your test, not like me,.....(long story) good luck with it.

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    I think the instructor is making it up about test insurance! driving instructor insurance covers the car for test, you can take a private car on test eg friend or family car, it does not have to be fitted with dual controls but it would have to be insured for you to take on test. Usually instructor charges for an hour before test and an hour for test time (test only 40 minutes approx but need to take into account debrief and getting you home afterwards). Think you instructor has been really out of order especially if you have had a number of lessons with him.

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