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Thread: Remember these car websites from the past?

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    Default Remember these car websites from the past?

    Quite a fun blog post I thought I would share with the community.

    It's not quite driving related but still to do with cars so I thought I'd be safe and share it in the general forum.

    Basically the post takes a bunch of old car websites from the late 90s and early 2000s and compares them to the shiny done up versions they have today. A bit geeky but a good read I think!

    What's ones jump out at you? I think the old Ford site was pretty rubbish...

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    The software for writing websites has come on in leaps and bounds, as well as the browsers we use to look at sites, and the speed at which we can 'load' a website. Try loading a current-day website at 256Kbps through a modem, and see how long it takes. Even now, some people still have problems waiting for all the anims and Java scripts to load on a bad day.

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