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Thread: rac broke my car the break down man admitted fault & now rac wont pay lol

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    I have only just noticed your bit about contacting the local paper, and I think it is a good idea. It will warn others that you are incapable of taking responsibility for your acitons, and expect others to pay for your shortcomings.
    The first time that belt came off, you should have had it investigated. You did not. Instead of having it inspected and repaired at your expense, you carried on using the car with an obviious fault, until it became undriveable, then called on someone else to repair an already broken component. Then, you not only blame them for breaking your already broken car, you expect them to pay for the repair.
    Yes, I believe you should contact your local paper, to give everybody ample warning of the type of person you are.

    Just to advise you, I have no connection with the RAC other than through this Forum. I worked for the AA for a number of years and met others of your ilk. It saddens me to say that some of them did get away with their underhand tactics.

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    I get it a lot in my role. Tell a customer what they don't like hearing and you get "I am going to the papers".

    Well go on then, the majority of the time they really won't care.

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