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Thread: Very Let Down on 16th september.. Refused help as policy was not found AGAIN!

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    Sounds like a great idea and I am sure our IT guys are working on this as we are always looking for ways to make things easier. Whilst the App we do have to connect you to our call centre was quite straight forward to instigate, an App such as you propose is a little more complicated due to the various ways a customer may choose to take out their cover. This can be directly with us, through an insurance company, their employer, through a motor manufacturer, etc, to name but a few. Also, some of these policies are personal based whilst others are vehicle based, so it can be complicated and there is currently a need for human intervention.

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    The last time I was refused help due to "Computer says no" i later discovered i had purchased through a insurance policy & had dialled the incorrect RAC phone number.... That was an expensive mistake....

    So i then purchased directly to avoid any problems being found. I had not used my policy in probably 2 years and had changed wallets and cars since. I was particularly distressed the night i broke down as my engine oil light had come on & then found out more problems were going on. I certainly didnt feel myself & put my trust in the team to help.

    It just seems too unfair because the emergency team couldn't find me after approx 10 mins of searching, then a few days later the customer support team find me in minutes and i find out i do have a valid policy number Grrrr. This shows it was perhaps the staff member who was at fault due to lack of training or skill. I wont be coming back to reply to anything else now as it brings the whole experience back & i would rather forget it now. But have emailed Angela and hope to get a fair result but after last time dont expect anything.

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