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    Hopefully the RAC will have the integrity to publish this post.

    Copy of letter sent to the RAC.

    RAC Customer Care N W



    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On Dec 17th 2012 I had the misfortune to break down on the A454 Bridgenorth Road and called your breakdown service for assistance at around 12.30pm. The RAC mechanic eventually turned up at about 1.35pm and after examining the vehicle said he was unable to repair it and it should be towed to a garage. He measured my vehicle and said it was a few centimetres too long for him to tow. I said it had never been a problem before as I had always had this length of van, so he called the office where they said I would have to take out a brand new policy as the terms and conditions had changed a couple of years before (which I had obviously not read) and my current type of breakdown cover no longer covered the length of vehicle that I was driving. The garage I use was approximately 22 miles away and I was then told that because I was a "NEW CUSTOMER" I was only allowed a 10 mile tow, so on top of the new policy I was also charged an extra £60 to be towed to the garage. They called my partner at home for a payment to be made and then the mechanic left stating the breakdown recovery vehicle would be with me shortly.

    By mid afternoon the recovery vehicle had still not arrived so I called my partner at home to ask her to find out what was happening as my phone battery was by now running low. She called the breakdown number and was passed from pillar to post, eventually speaking to someone who said the breakdown vehicle would be with me shortly and that they would call me to give me an estimated time of arrival. I waited approximately another hour by which time it was pitch black, on an fast unlit country road, with my vehicle half on the road and half on the grass verge, with other drivers blasting their horns as they passed as it was very dangerous. My partner rang again and your staff said again that the breakdown vehicle would be with me shortly and at the 11th hour rang me and offered a police escort, which was ridiculous as the breakdown vehicle did turn up shortly after at around 5.30pm. I finally reached my garage at around 6.30pm by which time they had closed, so I was forced to leave my vehicle out on the street overnight.

    Not from the time the mechanic left me until my partners last call at about 5.10pm did any of your operatives bother to call me to check on how things were progressing and I was left stranded, alone, in the freezing cold and in a dangerous situation, which is not the sort of service you expect from the RAC.

    My partner asked a member of your staff if we could have a refund on the old policy as it had only been renewed a couple of months before and was now of no use, and was told "No" and then he changed his mind and said that I "may like to write in and try".

    Both my partner and I were basically treated with complete and utter contempt by your call centre staff, and as a result I am cancelling my membership with you.

    I will continue to use the new breakdown cover policy as it has been paid for, until it runs out in December but will obviously not be renewing.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr N W

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    I am sorry to learn of your concerns following the service you received 9 months ago.
    I have checked the records of our Breakdown Customer Care team and cannot find any reference of this matter being brought to our attention previously. We will therefore now look into this and respond to you as quickly as we can.

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