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    Perhaps by posting on here I might get a resolution to my complaint??

    Briefly - I broke down on the M1 in May this year. With me was my wife and two children under the age of 2. Informed we were a priority case but were left sitting on the side of the motorway for nearly 3 1/2 hours. No communication from RAC unless I rang them. When recovery turned up (approx 8.30pm) we were then told we would not get home until midnight - this was not acceptable considering the age of my children. In light of the appalling service to that point I requested we be put up in a hotel and recovered in the morning and this was agreed.

    After getting home I wrote on 3rd June complaining of the service. The first response from RAC was a template 'we're sorry' letter that did not address my concerns and indeed the only personal element in it was my name on the top. I wrote again and complained. Subsequent response via e-mail apologised again for the poor service but at least this time the e-mail actually addressed my circumstances and wasn't a template.

    As compensation for the suffering we experienced we were offered a 4 month extension to my policy. I wrote back to say 4 months was inadequate, I needed RAC to restore my faith in them or else I would look elsewhere and as my car is generally reliable anything less than a 12 month extension is not realistic. I went on to say I would leave it to RAC to decide how best the suffering my family went through could be recompensed. That e-mail was dated 19th August and to date I have received no response.

    I had been communicating with Phillip Handsaker (Customer Care Manager). I have e-mailed him again 3 times since August 19th and still no response. I have today called the customer care helpline (0800 731104) and when finally getting through had the call disconnected at the RAC end.

    I am at a loss as to what I should do next to bring this to a conclusion. I could just forget and carry on but suspect this is what RAC is waiting for me to do. I could also write direct to the CEO or a board member but who they are and their contact addresses remain a highly guarded secret. Perhaps you can help???

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    Our records show that you spoke with my collegaue this afternoon? I am not sure if this was before or after you made this post. So I have asked him to review the matter and respond to you with his final decision. He will do so as quickly as he can.

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    try 08001971508
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