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Thread: Thanks for the very good servcie

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    Thumbs up Thanks for the very good servcie

    It sounds as if RAC get quite a few posts from disaffected folk but there is another side.

    Following several years of never requiring the services of RAC I had cause to use them twice in 48 hours. Both times the response was exemplary and the more so because I was on holiday at the time.

    The emergency phone was answered within seconds and the menu options were easy to access. The operator took details accurately and advised me of the waiting times which turned out to be very accurate both times. The technician also phoned when he was was just a few minutes away.

    The two technicians who attended were personable and explained what needed to be done. They also gave helpful tips along the way.

    Yes, the battery replacement was a bit expensive, but a five year guarantee was emailed to me the following day. I was offered a tow to a parts dealer on the second breakdown, the new part was fitted for me and I was given directions on how best to continue my journey.

    All-in-all an excellent service was provided and I was relieved to say my subscription was up to date.

    Well done by all concerned.

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    Welcome to the site LestLaw, its good to read a positive post every now and then, hope you can stay around and join in the rest of the forums.

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    Thanks very much for your kind comments LesLaw. Much appreciated.
    I should be able to trace the callouts by your log in to this site, so I will trace the colleagues concerned and pass on your feedback.
    Thank you

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    After 10 years of full AA membership and after signing up for their 'premium package' at a service station on a bank holiday weekend, I found myself braking down (clutch went in a van) on Frankley Services. I called the AA and was told that as they could not find me on their system and because it was a Bank Holiday it was 'Tough' (the exact word they used) and I would have to make my own arrangements to get the van and £100,000 worth of stock back home.

    I did afterwards manage to get a full refund but never managed to get an apology.

    I have been with the RAC ever since but only subscribe to a basic service as i have been dissalutioned by the breakdown industry.

    Today I found that even though I religeously check my car for reliability (sacrifice chickens to it and beat it with mistletoe from an oak tree every morning) it had the cheek to break down.

    I did the deed and called the number. Straight afterwards I called my other half and before I could even berate her for obviously providing sub standard chicken and mistletoe an RAC van pulled up. It really was that quick.

    The service and diagnostics of the recovery driver where the best I have ever received. So much so that I will take out a full 'premium policy' Monday morning. He didn't even raise his eyebrows when at the gates of he garage I turned off the engine (even though we had cut the altenator belt so the battery wasn't charging) he just went back to his van and got the jump leads. Even though it was cold, wet, his customer was a moron and he should have finished a half hour earlier.

    It's the little things that make a difference.

    He then proceeded to take me to Tesco Express and purchase water for my three year old.

    I didn't even burn the pie I'd put in the oven when I set out.

    Thank you RAC Patrol 402Y Breakdown number Q030PFGG0

    If I have the misfortune of being stuck on the hard shoulder of the M6 sometime I hope it's you that comes out.
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    If you are going to sacrifice a chicken, it's best not to use a frozen one. You are supposed beat your wife [gently] with the mistletoe, not the car.

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    Thank you for the lovely feedback, I will find out which Patrol attended and pass on your thanks.
    If you are ever stuck on the M6 near Jct 9 we will do more than attend - our call centre will make you a brew !

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