This car is an under appreciated vehicle.

The last of the British mass produced sports cars with an impressive heritage, innovative engineering and enough going for it to have frightened BMW's Z3 when they bought Rover.

Still a powerful and impressive presence on the road, the ability to drive away from other more powerful (and expensive) cars due to its mid engine layout, free revving engine and firm suspension takes you by surprise, it certainly surprises others, and you never quite get used to the envious looks cast by other drivers, and their passengers....... a half glance breaking into a soft smile if you know what I mean.

A flexible engine and gearbox combination gives pulling power in 5th from as low as 1000rpm if you want to but the real joy comes when you double de-clutch and drop a couple of gears and accelerate through 4 - 5000 rpm before changing up.

A simple soft top to lower and raise makes open top driving a joy, a usable boot - at least one full set of golf clubs in the boot and still space in the front for an overnight bag or two, 35+ to the gallon and the "most beautiful cabriolet" award in 2005 make this the best £2000 - yes £2000 - that you could spend on four wheels.