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    I plan to go and live in Spain for 12 months and take my UK registered car with me. However most insurance companies will only cover you for trips abroad up to 30 or 90 days. Does anybody know where I can get extended cover or whether any UK insurers have an office in Spain that I could transfer my policy to?


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    hey got no idea about insurance and not too sure on the legal things for this but found this site might be of help

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    I've got a similiar question - though it concerns sunny Italy this time!

    I am going to live in Italy for approximately 5 months, taking my UK registered car (insured, taxed, MOTed, bla bla bla etc) with me. Will I need to do anything similar in Italy, or can I leave it like that and it will be perfectly legal there?

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    Hi I work in the insurance industry, try Norwich Union Direct, they seem to be more leanier about abroad policies, they will probably provide you with a green card which will cover you whilst out of the country

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