Not really an answer but thought I'd share a good news story. Having 'engine reduced performance' on my 2007 Volvo c30 I went back to the local garage where I'd bought it a couple of years ago ( they service it ) The arrangement is that if its something they can't do because they lack Volvo software etc then they take it to the Main Dealers some 25 miles away. They provide me with a courtesy car. Today I collected the car with the problem fixed. I was told no charge, fixed under parts warranty ( accelerator pedal ). My supplying garage made no charge for their time prior to taking it to the Main Dealer, nor taking it there and back and nothing for insurance for the courtesy car. There are so many instances of dubious practice it's good to receive such treatment - inspires loyalty. I was surprised, but didn't question it being a warranty repair. I'm interested to hear if anyone experienced this with a 6 year old car with Volvo or any other make ?