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Thread: Class Action to Recover Mis-sold Green Levy Charges.

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    Angry Class Action to Recover Mis-sold Green Levy Charges.

    After studying the article in the Sunday Mail, 8th September, 2013 on page 13 headlined 'Record return of Arctic ice cap as top scientists warn of global COOLING!' it would appear that motorists in the U.K. and beyond have been sold a very expensive pup by the media, politicians and the car manufacturing companies and fuel companies alike! Would the very influential and wealthy RAC like to commence a class action on our behalf?

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    Welcome to the sitedaddypiker, that's quite an impressive first post you have there, I only hope that the site Gurus will be able to give you an answer?

    Mind you, it wont be the first time the media have sold us a puppy?

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    I remember when I was a lad at Primary School being told that 'empty vessels make most noise'. The voice of reason was shouted down very loudly when all this Global Warming was first announced.

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