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Thread: Mixing Tyres

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    Question Mixing Tyres


    Is there a definitive legal / safety position with regards mixing different makes of tyres on the same axle?

    I have just bought a Mondeo with one Pirelli and one Avon on the front [driven] axle. The tread patterns and make up are entirely different.

    The dealer that sold me the car says it's fine, as he would, but it's not something I've done previously, and I can't say I think it's agood idea?

    Any views?


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    I would say its fine too. They dont all have to be the same make as long as the sizes are the same.
    I have four non matching tyres on my car.

    You probably might want to have a blokes view on this though!

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    Default Tyres

    Mixing tyre brands is not a problem , so long as the speed rating matches your vehicle. The sizes must be the same on the same axle .Some tyres are reinforced .
    You would have to check your service book or call in at a tyre depot to obtain the correct size and rating for your car .

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    wouldn't u lose brake/accelearation and wet performance if u had 4 different makes of tyre??? as tyre manufacturers test there tyres with 4 on a car to get the optimum performance etc?

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    If the tyres are the same (size, speed rating, weather condition, tread depth etc) then you shouldn't have traction problems.

    The only downside i can think of is if you sell your car privately, some buyers will view budget/mixed make tyres on the car as an indication of a car maintained on the cheap, and will steer clear!

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