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    Dear forum friends

    My friend brushed into a parked car while reversing in a locked compound parking space. the bumper of the other person's car just came out with no statches/paint damage/dent to it. He thought it could easily be fixed but the owner of the hit car says he need to replace the entire bumper and repaint it.
    he gave a quote for £675 which also includes door repairs as he says the bumper can only be put back by removing the door.

    my friend after the accident approached the owner of the hit car as soon as he came back from a holiday and agreed to fix it for him. however he says he will only get this done with a renault car dealer.

    my friend does not think it is going to cost him more than £200.

    how should he proceed to deal with this extortion. please offer your suggestions please.



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    Ask for two written estimates, the same way an insurance company would.

    Then check out the costs himself by comparing online parts costs and speaking to another dealer about labour costs and times.

    If he is taking the p, then tell him to just say that the insurers will sort it out, that may take some time and the insurers won't put up with nonsense on pricing, that may put him off and he may suddenly rethink his estimates!

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    also as if he doesnt take it through insurance get him to provide a invoice before the money is handed over so he knows its not costing him less than it says

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    Also if it's still possible to do so, get a picture of the alleged damage.

    It's been mentioned elsewhere but carrying one of these could save bucks in similar minor scrapes:

    I am completely non technical - so are there cars that have to have the doors removed to replace the bumper

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    dont give any money to the third party without getting him to sign a contract stating that he will not claim against you in the future, as you can make a claim up to a year after an accident, and will except full and final settlement the amount of so and so for the damages to the car... make sure his name and address is clearly printed and if you then get a letter from him in the future you can present the letter, you also need an independant witness to sign it too, just incase, you never know these days!!

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