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Thread: Ford Ka - Oil problem... I think?!

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    Question Ford Ka - Oil problem... I think?!

    I have recently bought my first car, a Ford Ka (2002) 1.3. The oil level when I bought it was between min and max. After a month of driving it, the oil level is now just below minimum... am I right in thinking that this isnt normal?

    I can't find the recommended 5W-30 oil so i'm going to have to refill it with 10W-40 instead - will this be okay?

    I got it checked out by a mechanic before I bought it (infact it had also just had an mot): there was no rusting underneath, and no holes in the exhaust etc, so it's not leaking oil, and still isnt as far as I have observed. However now i've noticed there is quite a lot of black sooty stuff in the opening of the exhaust - does that mean it's burning oil?

    And finally, do garages do diagnostic services, rather than the whole thorough service? I just want this oil problem sorting out without having to pay £200 for the whole whack since it's not due for a service for another 9,000 miles or so.

    Does this sound like an easily fixed problem or is my engine going to seize up?

    Hope somebody can make me feel better! Thanks in advance

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    Smile oil

    Hi emilycolleen
    You can use 5w/40 semi synthetic or 5w/30 which can be purchased from the dealers.
    Normal oil usage is 1 pint to 800 miles, so if top up your oil to the max line on the dip stick and reset the trip meter on the dash you can see if it is using more oil than the recommended usage.
    As to the black soot this is from the burnt fuel which will leave soot deposits in the tail pipe.
    If you are using more oil than normal there should be blue smoke from the exhaust if this is the case then the engine needs to be check by your garage.
    The only other is oil leaks which your mechanic have already checked for.
    Hope this as been of some use to you .

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    Default boyfriends who like to think they know about cars!

    I've had a look in the handbook and it says I can use 10W-40, but it's better to use 5w-30. I've already bought the 10W-40 so i'll have to use it, but next time i'll go get the other stuff from a dealer, thanks.

    Funnily enough I have done just over 800 miles since buying the car so perhaps the oil usage is normal afterall? I will try what you said though just to make sure, thanks for that. My boyfriend is adamant however that the oil level should last for thousands of miles and there is definately something wrong with my car! I really hope he's wrong!

    I haven't noticed any blue smoke, nor has anybody else i've asked so i guess that's a good sign. There is quite a lot of black stuff on the face of the exhaust though, as well as in the pipe. Hmm, hopefully just burnt fuel then.

    Thank-you very much for your help!

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    Smile hello

    in response to your last posting it is crazy to assume that a car could go for thousands of miles and not use a drop of oil

    i would agree in that it should use about a pint every 800 to 1000 miles

    hope this has helped

    look at the exhausts of all cars and there will be black soot on all of them

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    Question struggles to start

    My boyfriend once had a Ka that leaked oil like crazy, the imperial ford garage he bought it from were cowboys and didn't fix it despite taking it back numerous times, then the car just gave up. So I think that's why he's insisting I should get my car checked out as he doesn't want the same to happen to me, which is fair enough. I'll be keeping an eye on the oil consumption though just incase.

    I've just thought though, my car struggles to start sometimes, especially in cold weather, or if i've stopped after a short distance then started up again...but then sometimes it's totally fine - is this anything to worry about?

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