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Thread: Gone with the Wind!

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    Thumbs down Gone with the Wind!

    We bought a Wind 1.2 GT Line on the 28th April and after 10 days and one 300-mile round trip from Bath to Meopham rejected it, returned it for a full refund and got our 08 Tigra (which we now realise is extremely well designed!) back. We have had 2 Tigras over 6 years so can state with some conviction that the Wind is NOT a convertible for serious driving. It is also not a “replacement for a Puma” as stated on one Forum, as we also had 2 of those over 6 years and enjoyed every mile. It is however aptly named as the wind turbulence and noise inside the car is so horrendous you can't hear the radio, Tomtom or each other AND suffer a 50% increase in fuel consumption. You could not drive it without securing your hair and wearing a hat, and you are in danger of losing that when the wind gets under it! In a properly designed convertible the wind levels are optional – you open the windows – and it is lovely to drive even at minus temperatures. If you attempted winter driving in the Wind you would suffer serious hypothermia! Even with the seats in the lowest position your head is above the level of the windows, and the windscreen bar and tiny sun visors do not stop the sun hitting you straight in the eye. Even with the roof up it is noisy and turbulent at speed – a little like turbulence on a plane. The armrest is too low to lean on and the window ledge too high, and storage space nil ( the handbook actually says that the glovebox is handy to keep a pencil in so forget stowing the Tomtom!) but you would put up with this if it was a nice drive - it's not! Parking sensors are a MUST and should be fitted as standard as rear vision is extremely limited. If you drive abroad, the only way to deflect the beams is with a £15 pack of stickers but there is no template and nobody knows where they actually have to go to be legal. If you want a car with a good stereo and a clever poser's roof for around town it's the car for you, but do insist on a proper test drive on the open road first! This car should have remained firmly in the concept stage and there is much better out there for £17k.

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    It is also not a “replacement for a Puma” as stated on one Forum
    I should hope it isn't for the Ford Puma is an utter rust bucket!!!

    ...then again so are mk1 Tigras!

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