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Thread: Engine fault code reader

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    Default Engine fault code reader

    Hi All, I have a Toyota RAV4 51 plate and the engine management light has come on. I was thinking of getting a fault code reader and noticed that the RAC are marketing a product through Argos.
    Does anyone know if this product will be suitable for my 51 plate, alternatively is there another product that people would recommend?

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    I would not recommend the purchase of a fault code reader. They may well give relevant codes etc, but interpreting them is a different matter. You only have to read motoring advice forums to see how many garage/workshops end up just throwing bits at a car in an attempt to rectify running problems.

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    If your RAV 4 is petrol then yes.

    If Diesel - I don't know as it did not come mandatory for EOBD until 2004 for Diesel cars.

    Personally I think it would be advisable to have a code reader in you tool collection these days but...

    ...Rolebama states a very good fact!...

    ...DO NOT look up on a code reader as a 'life saver' or 'get out of trouble for free' object.
    With modern vehicles it is only part of a 'chain' of equipment/tools you use in sorting out/diagnosing a problem (in fact as it's always been!).
    For example: it may state a code such as P0302 which means Cylinder two Misfire - however there are then many areas that can cause such a problem - the code reader cannot tell you the exact cause such as dead coil pack or perhaps broken lead or so on. As I said it is NOT a 'life saver'!

    The code reader you list would be fine but - is way over priced!!!

    e.g. this would do the same:

    or if you wanted to have a little bit more:

    Good Luck

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    Thanks both. (It's a petrol model)

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    I'll guess one of the lambda (oxygen) sensor heater circuits has failed. If it has and the wiring loom to it has a blue wire, then you must replace with similar type. No blue wire in the new sensor and it wont work.

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