I own a 1999 diesel Landrover 110 and have just received notice from Transport for London that my vehicle will not meet the emission standards in 2012. The options I have are:

Buy a vehicle dated 2002 or later
Pay a daily fee to go into London (the zone is almost everywhere within the M25) of £100 per day
Fit a filter to my Landrover[\LIST]

Upon contacting a few of the suppliers referenced in the notice I find the cost of a filter to be about £1200 plus £200 fitting charge plus an annual test fee of £40.

This seems to me to be action against the (usually poorer) owners of older diesel vehicles. I wonder if it is legal and, if so, can it be challenged. Maybe it is part of a clean-up usually carried out by the hosts of olympics, etc - ship out the down and outs, clear the boat people and get rid of old Landrovers!

Comments and suggestions very welcome.