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Thread: Cat C write off - Dealer never told us!

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    Default Cat C write off - Dealer never told us!

    Hi All

    I posted a thread about this car a few months ago, and we now have an ongoing investigation with the Financial Ombudsman due to the large number of faults we have experienced. However just by chance I did a check with and discovered that the vehicle we bought was logged as a Cat C write off a couple of years ago. When we bought the car the dealer made no attempt to tell us about this and so far we haven't found anything in the paper work either. We have sent a V888 form to the DVLA to try and confirm this discovery.

    We are already locked into a battle to get our money back due to all the problems we have had with the car and this discovery can only help us fuel our argument even more that the car was dodgy from the day we got it. But we are now wondering if we can claim for compensation of some sort since the dealer never told us about the car's history? We would have never have bought a car that had been written off and we are both very annoyed that the dealer never made any attempt to let us know. Surely this is breaking the law in some way?

    If anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do it would be appreciated!

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    Last year, I think it was, the law was changed so that if you are selling a Cat C or Cat D vehicle, you must inform the buyer. In Autotrader, for example, you will see that traders and dealers are now stating this info in their adverts. They would not do it voluntarily so if you haven't already contacted your local trading standards office, give them a call and ask for guidance.
    2 years ago, I was sold a car which had been a Cat C and I did not check it until after my holiday. When I found out, the trader refused to do anything about it saying he had not been told either. Trading Standards got involved and he refunded in full. I am sure there is a legal obligation now about this.

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