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Thread: Non Geographic contact numbers for breakdowns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santa View Post
    You guys are bonkers paying out so much for a phone. I still have my old N okia on a PAYG contract. Cost me about £20 a year.
    That's hardly a fair comment, Santa. Being caravanners, we find the freedom to use our mobile for all manner of reasons whilst away from home (6 weeks at a time is normal) without worrying about incurring charges beyond the £12 per month good value, and the unlimited web access is a bonus - checking attractions in an area, accessing camsite details for moving on, etc.
    Horses for courses, really.

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    Quote........."I can go on line anywhere in the UK. For this I pay £12 per month".

    Aye! Snowball, I can do the same with my I-Phone, and get 500Mb of Internet a month for free, but I hardly use it for surfing when I'm out and about.

    I'm going to try and get a cheaper contract when this one runs out, as I only use a fraction of the minutes that Im paying for just now, so 500 minutes a month would be OK for me, so that should reduce my payment by quite a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deckhanddave View Post
    Hi folks

    Why oh why do you appear to provide only Non Geographic numbers for breakdown reports? A friend just txt me from Ireland to say he had broke down and couldn't find a contact number for breakdown cover on his insurance policy. I had to ring an 0845 number then an 0800 number and all from a mobile phone. It costs far more to ring these numbers and you can't even use inclusive call time minutes to ring them. I'm in the AA and have a geographic alternative I can ring.

    Thanks from a (few quid poorer) deckhanddave
    totally agree... even worse when they give you numbers that are not possible to phone from ireland!!! great company.... shower of incompetent edjets..

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    Although AA and RAC fees are relatively the same, if I am able to phone the AA for free using a geographical number, where as any calls to the RAC cost me money, than my business will go to AA. Unfortunately people look at the renewal costs rather than looking at other costs.

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    RAC now have a "mobile-friendly" number, 0333 2000 999.

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