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Thread: Dealer complaining about the car I part-exchanged

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    Default Dealer complaining about the car I part-exchanged

    3 weeks ago we changed in our Mondeo Estate for a Volvo S80 at an independent garage.

    We phoned the next day to politely point out that the drivers door panel had fallen off on the way home and were told that he was ****** unhappy about the car we sold him as it needed quite a bit of work done (wheel bearing, suspension joint) and it would cost him about £500 to put right - why didn't we tell him. We had given him the keys and told him to take it for a drive (which he didn't do). He mentioned about the rust on the bottom of the doors which we agreed was quite bad for its age and agreed to a price reduction. We asked him what he wanted us to do and he said "nothing - I'm a big boy I can take it". We repaired the door panel ourself.

    Now we have discovered a serious problem with our car - a minor oil leak turns out to be coming from under the rocker cover and is prob. a seal which means the timing chain is contaminated and will have to be changed - est. cost £1000! Not covered on the useless 6 months warranty and he is washing his hands of us. Ranted for about 20 minutes about the fact that injectors have gone on our car and costing him £700 to replace - we pointed out we didn't know that and it was driving fine when we handed it in.

    What should we do? Incidentally the car is not the same spec as advertised - no CD changer, no trip computer etc. but we've just accepted that as not really mega important.

    Should we go back and insist on a refund or get shot of it elsewhere and take it on the chin?

    Should we have told him about the wheel bearing noise (which we did know about) or are we right to think that he, being the expert, was responsible for checking the car thoroughly?

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    Welcome to the site Raydaw, that sounds like a really tricky situation to be in. I'm not sure how the legal side would work on that, but the person you dealt with was a dealer, so he must have some responsibly of some kind with the product he is selling.

    Mind you, I'm no lawyer, good luck
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    Consumers direct should help you get sorted out there website is
    As to your car, as long as you did not wilfully deceive the purchaser there realy is not a problem in his case, because he is the expert, caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) applies. I am surprised at the warranty not covering the oil leak but ask at consumers direct.
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