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Thread: Spent £1200 wk later engine failed do I have a case

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    Angry Spent £1200 wk later engine failed do I have a case


    I have a 52 Renualt Clio 172 which I took for a full service & Cam belt & auxillary belt change at a renualt specialists in Newcastle at a cost of £1200

    I week later the belt failed causing £1500 worth of engine damage

    spoken to quite a few main dealers and they said the following:

    "why didn't they spot the broken alternator pulley when the car was apart, i do these day in day out, you'd notice that even if you were blind, i'm betting money they've damaged the pulley putting the aux belt on, i see it all the time when garages who don't have the tools/experience work on them, but i' still yet to see an alternator cause a belt failure

    i bet they didn't get the aux belt seated properly and it has shreded itself"

    I planned to get a RAC inpection but they won't except accept liability from the outcome.

    I was followed by someone from my home, then when I stopped at the shops the garage took there courtesy car back! I though the car had been stolen.

    So me & my 2yr old daughter were stranded, they have sunk to a all time low, especially when I'm being polite & profession to try and get the issue resolved.

    There are even holding my daughters kids seat until I return the key.

    Do you think it's worth taking legal action or cut my losses and pay another garage to fit a new engine?

    Then today I have just had a invoice for £284 which was to find out the belt has shredded, and won't release the damaged car before I pay the invoice, as I plan to take somewhere else as I need my car to get to and from work.

    The garage is called Centreville garage in Heaton has anyone else had a bad service from here?

    What should I do?

    Many thanks Tom

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    I think you need to speak to trading standards.

    Have a search on here, Hometune has given a detailed description of what to do in cases like this.

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    Labour time for the timing belt change is 5.2 hours. Say £40p/hr = £228 plus parts around £100. Service around £250. Total £578+vat. So where do they get £1200 from?
    As MrDanno says, phone Consumer Direct first who will pass it to Trading Standards. If you don't get anywhere with them, either a solicitor if you can afford one and have him/her send a letter for about £100 or write a formal letter yourself. If no response then issue a summons using Moneyclaim Online (Google this name) and follow the very simple instructions.
    Make it clear they have to repair your car at no cost to yourself and if they refuse tell them you will get it repaired elsewhere and send them the bill which you can pursue via the solicitor or Moneyclaim (government's own court website).

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