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Thread: Ford Focus 6000CD stereo wiring colours?

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    Default Ford Focus 6000CD stereo wiring colours?

    Does anyone know what each of the cables colours correspond to on the plug containing the live and neutral etc? I have a plug with 5 cables and these are listed below.

    black/green (slightly larger cable)

    I need to know which is the neutral, switched live (ACC) and battery live if thats possible?

    I am connecting an ipod dock and it requires these feeds.


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    the eaest thing to do is but a cheap tester £2-3 use netrul frome the car shcu as the outer casing of the cigeret lighter with the key out te ignition there will be only one with power mark that up as batt then turn the ignition on and you will then find a second live this will be he switched live using one of the lives you can then fing the erth wier and you need to mark that up now the other to are for ancilery items shch as when you turn you lights on and the radio light dim etc

    or you can do it the easy way go to your local bass junkeys halfords or any good car audio retaler and they will be able to get an addaptor for a few pounds

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    Default Ford Focus 6000CD stereo wiring colours?

    orange/black battery B
    yellow/black ground
    green/yellow ACC +
    red/black Illum
    black/green (slightly larger cable) not in use

    i just done my wiring today

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