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Thread: VW franchise - options

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    Angry VW franchise - options


    Just bought a second hand VW Passat from my local franchise dealer. The car I initially went to look at was sold under my nose, so the salesmen pulled out another 'just in' car which he said was the same price (10K). As he said it had just been received it wasnt valeted. I test drove the car and was reasonably happy but told him about a number of faults with the car, which he agreed to fix. He said not to worry it would be fully re-conditioned, serviced and 12 month warranty. Picked the car up, took it home and noticed loads of faults; trim loose, broken interior parts etc etc. I took the car back today and they have agreed to re-valet and repair all the faults I had with the interior and exterior of the car - great or so I thought.
    Problem is, I was looking on autotrader and noticed my car for sale on a different 'non franchised' used car sales website for a grand less than VW have charged me. The advert says "due in soon" - well not any longer! What with the faults and the hassle I'm not really feeling much love for my new purchase and at the moment I just want to cancel the whole deal. I feel like I've been mugged, but what can I do, I own the car. Can anyone offer any advice please ? Had the car been tip top I wouldn't mind but I've been back to the dealer 4 times in 1 day and have now left the car with them until it's of a standard that I would expect a VW approved car to be. It's obvious to me that they never intended on selling this car as "approved" because it was already on the list to go to an independent for sale. Hence the advert in autotrader. Any advice guys? I really do want rid and will never buy a VW again!:
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    Welcome to the site richiep, sorry to read about your problem, but I cant help thinking that you did seem to rush into the deal, (going by what you wrote)

    Personally, I would have done a check elsewhere on the price and so on.
    Also, the price you paid could have got you a brand new car, all be it another make of car.

    Have you got any come back with your finance company, (if you have finance on it that is)
    I wish you well with it, good luck
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    I am afraid, as long as they fix any problems the law would say, buyer beware. Always use your head when buying a car, not your heart. You made the deal and you are stuck with it.

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    Neilkevin: Spoken like a true dealer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolebama View Post
    Neilkevin: Spoken like a true dealer.
    Rolebama. absolutely spot on here. Just a cheap advert that the moderators have missed.

    More absolute nonsense from within the trade. This is another example of how the trade does not understand the law since it was updated. Time to read the new consumer laws I think.

    To the OP, yes, you may have paid £1,000 more for the car than you would have at the independent dealer. Yes, the car has faults but the dealer does seem to be doing something about them.
    If you had bought the car elsewhere, you would not have a full 1 years VW warranty, just some aftermarket insurance that the trader would have undoubtedly sold you for some extortionate fee and would turn out to be almost worthless in the event of a claim. By buying from the dealer you should have more confidence that faults will be repaired.
    However, if the dealer does not fix the faults or refuses to, then you can tell him you are rejecting the car and give him a time limit. If you do go down this route you will need the help of trading standards who can and do bring pressure on the dealers. You can also contact VW UK and ask for help plus any of the garage schemes this dealer may be signed up to. Many are in the Good Garage Scheme. You can Google all these names for details.
    I think you may have bought a little hasty as said above but I think that now you see the same car being £1,000 less elsewhere, you think you have been 'done.' I would rather pay more to a main dealer than to an independent as you will get far more protection. Give them a week to sort out these little niggles and then I'm sure you will be pleased with your new car.

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