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  1. The last time I was refused help due to "Computer...

    The last time I was refused help due to "Computer says no" i later discovered i had purchased through a insurance policy & had dialled the incorrect RAC phone number.... That was an expensive...
  2. Very Let Down on 16th september.. Refused help as policy was not found AGAIN!

    My last report was a very good one but this time not so...
    I broke down on the a30 in cornwall on a cold windy night & needed RAC as my oil light had come on and a diesel pipe had split. I...
  3. Amazing RAC patrol report - April 15th 2011 Bordon area (Hampshire)

    I am happy to report that after breaking down and taking the gar straight to a garage (who couldnt fix the problem for 10 days) I called the rac & the patrol arrived 30 mins quicker than...
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