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    Tax/Insurance for day of collection

    I am about to purchase a second hand car, which I will need to go and collect some 70 miles away and bring back. The car has a current MOT so it's road legal, but won't have tax or insurance on it....
  2. Problem with my cdti 1.7 turbo (I think)

    Sorry to reply with a question, but despite being correctly logged in I can never post a new thread in the technical questions forum, weird.

    My car has for some time had a noisy turbo, a siren...
  3. I can't post a thread in the technical category.

    Any ideas why the thread post button isn't there?
  4. Any idea why I cannot post a thread under maintenance questions

    It's the only option I need and the only one that doesn't display the orange post button at the top. I am registered and logged in, however when I enter the maintenance forum, my account details...
  5. Thanks for all the tips. I will attempt to test...

    Thanks for all the tips. I will attempt to test the wiring. Although I will check with the haynes manual, is this something that would normally require the headlight unit to be removed? I'm possibly...
  6. It's a 2008 model estate 1.7 TDCI

    It's a 2008 model estate 1.7 TDCI
  7. Vauxhall Astra H Headlight/Sidelight not working on driver's side

    The headlight and sidelight have stopped working on the driver's side only. Having changed the bulbs, I now know that this is not the problem and as the passenger side is fine, suspect a wiring...
  8. Intercooler for Vauxhall Astra Diesel 1.7

    I've been told by carcraft that my intercooler has a hole in it and needs replacing. Furthermore they weren't able to pick this up just a few weeks ago when the car was still within its 10k mile...
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