Taking the pain out of fleet accident management

In the world of fleet operations, no day can be called ‘average’. By its very nature, flexibility has to be built in to the capacity of every journey across the country – making the logistics and pressures on teams on the ground to meet deadlines and keep within costs challenging, to say the least.

It is in this scenario, with sometimes thousands of vehicles on the road at once, that accidents can have a significant impact on results. It won’t come as a surprise to many that about 50% of an average fleet will be repaired following an accident per year, but when written out in black and white like this it still makes a stark statistic. Take that the average costs of repairs may be something like £1000 and it becomes even more serious.

I have spent a lot of time over the past 10 years working at minimising the impact of these accidents for businesses big and small. I am very proud to have created with my colleagues at the RAC something I believe is innovative by design and can help corporate fleets deal with accidents more efficiently. Meaning we get drivers back on the roads quicker, safer and in a cost effective way.

You often hear the words ‘one-stop-shop’ but that is really what we have managed to achieve through a programme of substantial investment in new systems and technology. By using this to build on the trusted RAC brand with our supply chain there is no easier SoS call for fleet managers to make than to the RAC’s Accident Management number.

We can now get drivers back on the road in a much reduced time, where an average turnaround time may be circa nine days, we would expect to achieve something more like six days. Importantly, our Accident Management system will also provide relevant driver risk and safety information which will feed into most risk management platforms.

So, while no day could be called average on the roads of the UK, at the RAC we want to help your planning and operational performance be as easy as it possibly can be.

If you are interested in knowing more visit our website www.rac.co.uk/business/accident-management, call us on 0844 241 3023, or email us and we will call you back.