RAC men support the classics

RAC patrolmen Brian Wallace and Paul Cooper were out again this weekend at a classic car show, this time in the pretty Hertfordshire village of Tewin.

Brian and Paul brought along three classics from the RAC stable, a 1957 Austin A35 van, a Morris Minor van from the same era and a newer Bedford Astra.

The enthusiastic patrolmen follow charity events in their time off, helping out stranded cars and flying the flag for the RAC at the same time. Not that they always see a great deal of action.

Classic cars are generally so well maintained the most they need is a jump-start or a wheel change. The pretty A35 belongs to the RAC Club in Pall Mall, London, while the Morris and Bedford are from the breakdown organisation.

It's amazing how popular these summertime classic cars shows have become. The Tewin event, in its fourth year, brought in over 200 cars and filled the cricket pitch. Even Lewis Hamilton's dad Anthony dropped down to the village green with his £300,000 Porsche Carrera. That's class!