RAC acquires vehicle diagnostics specialist

RAC acquires vehicle diagnostics specialist

The RAC has teamed up with a vehicle diagnostics specialist to provide a proactive service.

Drivers and fleets nationwide will benefit from the acquisition of Nebula Systems, which boasts an award-winning diagnostic platform.

"The announcement today of the acquisition of Nebula Systems is really the first step in a series of developments that will lead to the RAC moving from a reactive, to a proactive and ultimately predictive breakdown service," says RAC Telematics managing director Nick Walker.

"This is a deal that will give our telematics systems much greater capability and will really position the RAC as leaders in vehicle status data."

The RAC's existing telematics platform already leads the field with a unique and highly accurate crash detection and reporting solution which has been independently certified in excess of a 92% accuracy level. The hope is to further improve this level of accuracy.

With full ownership of Nebula Systems and its vehicle diagnostic information, the RAC now has the ability to read a market-leading depth of data.

"For a fleet manager or business owner, the RAC Telematics system will provide complete clarity into the health and behaviour of their vehicles which means they can be proactive about dealing with issues before they develop into the kind of problems that could take a vehicle off the road. This will help to reduce costs and downtime, leading to more efficient fleet management," adds Mr Walker.

"This is a deal that represents a great leap forward for RAC Telematics in terms of what it can do for RAC members, and also provides a platform for future developments in this exciting technological area."

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