Report on Motoring 2014 Infographic

Great Britain is a motoring nation. A country of nearly 36 million drivers, who rely on their cars day in, day out, as they go about their everyday routines. Despite fuel prices, potholes, taxes and bottlenecks, we refuce to turn our backs on the car, and it continues to play a crucial role in all our lives. Our infographic below highlights the key facts and stats affecting motorists in 2014.

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The Report On Motoring 2014 infographic has been created by RAC Breakdown Cover to highlight the key issues affecting motorists in 2014.


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Road maintenance shortfall
There is currently £3.64 billion available to fund road maintenance. This is way short of the £12 million that’s actually required each year to fix our roads. Maybe that’s why 41% of motorists feel the condition of UK roads is a major worry.
Road taxes unfair
8 in 10 motorists say the share of money from motoring taxes spent on maintaining local roads is insufficient. 61% feel their local roads are neglected and deteriorating. Despite this…
We’d pay more if it were fair!
36% of motorists would pay more in road taxes – but only if it were ring-fenced to improve roads.
Petrol price worries easing
In 2013, 63% of motorists ranked the price of fuel as their top motoring worry. This year, that’s fallen to 47% – thanks to the freeze in fuel duty and fall in global oil prices.
Points don’t mean prizes
1 in 10 motorists have points on their licence. Almost half got these for speeding – and 10% got them for running red lights! 6% have received points for using a mobile while driving – despite 16% telling us they think it “extremely unlikely” they’ll get caught texting.
Legal or illegal?
88% of motorists correctly think texting while driving is illegal. But 18% think smoking with children in the car is illegal. It’s not… yet: legislation is expected that will outlaw this in 2015.
How else do drivers get around?
To give content to the report, the RAC also asks how else people get around. 9 in 10 motorists say they also walk, 67% use buses, 65% use trains and 62% take taxis. Interestingly, 39% say they use a car pool… but only 10 per cent are also motorcyclists.