Zero tolerance campaign on alcohol

Zero tolerance campaign on alcohol

Drivers are being asked to pledge to not drink any alcohol before getting behind the wheel this summer.

Road safety charity Brake is spreading the message of a zero tolerance when it comes to drink driving as police across England and Wales begin a month-long enforcement campaign.

Forces will be stepping up roadside checks for alcohol and drugs over the coming month, as well as speaking to the public about the risks.

Last summer 83,000 drivers were stopped and breathalysed, of which 6% failed or refused.

"Even very small amounts of alcohol increase your risk of crashing dramatically, yet every year thousands of drivers risk it, and too often this results in tragedy," said Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of the charity.

"We need everyone on board with the message that it's none for the road, and if you do risk it, you will be caught."

England and Wales have a drink drive limit of 80mg alcohol per 100ml blood, the highest in Europe, but Brake wants the Government to introduce bolder action to tackle deadly drink driving.

Research shows just 20-50mg alcohol increases crash risk by three times, while evidence from abroad shows that lowering the limit also reduces deaths and injuries caused by drink drivers.

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