Young passengers 'fear for safety'

A new poll has found that risk-taking young motorists, some of who cross the speed limit or get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol are causing a majority of fellow young passengers to fear for their safety.

Of the 8,110 people in the 15-25 age group questioned by road safety charity Brake, 56% admitted to being worried about whether they will be able to reach their destination safely after a journey in a vehicle driven by an inexperienced person.

A quarter of respondents said they travelled as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a person who had been drinking or had taken drugs.

Over half (54%) said the driver of the car in which they were travelling exceeded speed limits by over 10mph.

The study, published to coincide with the launch of Road Safety Week, also found that over a fifth (21%) of young passengers do not always belt up

Over four out of five (82%) respondents said licence restrictions, such as a zero-tolerance alcohol limit and tougher penalties, should be imposed on young people who get behind the wheel.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director at Brake, said: "It is unacceptable that more young people die in preventable road crashes than from any other cause. Every day, more families face the unbearable news that a loved one has been killed suddenly and violently, or suffered a horrific injury, in young driver crashes."

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