Young men failing in 'manly' tasks

Young men failing in 'manly' tasks

Simple skills often stereotyped as 'manly', such as jump starting a car, are passing a new generation of young men by, according to new a survey.

One fifth (20%) of young men aged 24 and under told the JCB Toughphones poll they have never completed DIY or household tasks.

The survey found that just 15% of men in that age group can jump start a vehicle after abreakdown , while only 17% can change a tyre.

Fewer than a third (28%) know how to change a plug, the survey found.

Meanwhile, kitchen skills are higher on the list, with 70% of young men asked saying they knew how to bake a cake.

Men aged 25 to 34 were found to possess better 'manly' skills, but older men had superior knowledge.

Those aged 45 and over could complete more so-called 'manly' jobs than younger generations, while 75% of men aged 55 and over knew how to complete more manly challenges, such as hanging wallpaper.

JCB Toughphones' Jason Kemp said: "It appears the younger generation of men are becoming de-skilled in more traditional 'manly' type jobs.

"Older men were probably able to pick up these skills more easily in the past, while younger men have more distractions these days."

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