Young driver road deaths down

The number of young drivers killed on Britain's roads in 2007 has been cut dramatically, it has been revealed.

The RAC Foundation's analysis of the latest figures from the Department for Transport showed that 72 fewer drivers aged between 16 and 29 died on the roads in 2007 than in 2006.

Car insurance is more expensive for young drivers than any other age range in Britain and the massive reduction in deaths of young motorists has contributed to the total number of fatalities on Britain's roads being brought below the 3,000 figure for the first time ever.

Sheila Rainger, deputy director of the RAC Foundation, said: "It is a pleasure to be able to commend young drivers for making such a huge improvement in road safety. However, the road safety community must continue working to ensure this is a sustained improvement and not a flash in the pan.

"Continuing to develop positive driver attitudes, particularly among young and novice drivers, encouraging better communication between road users, supporting high-profile enforcement by traffic police, and implementing engineering improvements at known accident hotspots will help to sustain this improvement."

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