Write-off warning for car buyers

Write-off warning for car buyers

With one quick check car buyers can make sure the shiny used car they want isn't a potential death trap write-off in disguise.

Last year 223,000 motors checked by HPI , one in every 33, was an insurance total loss, a car that had been dangerously repaired and being sold to used car buyers.

There are four different types of write-offs depending on the condition of vehicles.

They include cars that are possible to repair safely and return to the road and those that should be consigned to the scrapheap and never be driven again.

It isn't against the law to fix and sell cars that are 'written off for salvage' as long as the status is declared and the car has had a successful Vehicle Identity Check (VIC).

However, the market is crying out for good quality second hand cars and some dodgy dealers are finding ways to con buyers to make a quick profit, HPI claims.

Its managing director Daniel Burgess said criminals are offering write-offs as good buys and what looks like a good deal on a car could leave buyers with potentially dangerous faults that could cause breakdowns or even accidents.

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