Write-off for 4x4 stuck in the sea

The owner of a Land Rover is busy checking his car insurance cover after it was swamped while he was backing a boat into the sea.

The intrepid tourist was reversing the Freelander at Crow Point at Braunton, north Devon, when it became stuck in the sand at the water`s edge.

The more he tried to free it, the more bogged down it became - until it eventually bottomed out completely.

And by the time eye witness Peter Stapleton stumbled over it while fishing on his jetski, the vehicle was a write-off.

He said: "At first I saw what I thought was a roof rack, and decided it needed to be pulled out before someone was hurt. But as I got closer I realised there was a vehicle attached to it.

"Once the tide had gone out, we looked inside - there were no fish, but there was water everywhere. It was definitely a gonner."

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