World's longest taxi trip completed

A round-the-world journey in a London black cab is set to break the record for the longest ever taxi trip, raising over £20,000 in the process.

Three friends from Aston University originally intended to drive from London-to-Sydney in a cab but they are now on the verge of completing a record-breaking global expedition.

The extra challenge was suggested by smart app developers GetTaxi, who pledged to provide the funds for food, fuel and accommodation as well as their GPS taxi-tracking system.

GetTaxi, a taxi-ordering app, has also promised to make up any shortfall in sponsorship should the trio fail to reach the 20k mark, but the three Brits, Paul Archer, Johno Ellison and Leigh Purnell have already raised £10,000 for the Red Cross Society, covering 32,000 miles across three continents and 41 different countries along the way.

The journey has climbed the heights, reaching the Mount Everest base camp, and negotiated the rugged terrains of Pakistan and Iran.

So the last thing the crew want on their record-breaking excursion is to break down. Unfortunately for them they may struggle to get a breakdown cover policy for their marathon trip.

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