Workers travelling further for jobs

Bricklayers, glaziers and other workers have to travel up to 60 miles a day to get to work, resulting in an estimated £47 a day in fuel costs, revealed a new report.

The report, compiled by BeLocal, has estimated that self-employed tradesmen and women spend around £11,000 a year, putting a serious dent on their profits. This figure does not even include car insurance or breakdown cover .

Of the 200 workers questioned, one in five charge customers for transport and most said working closer to home would help their business.

Founder of BeLocal Simon Grice said: "We all know from sitting in traffic in the morning, that tradespeople do go that extra mile for work. It's quite common to see an unfamiliar dialling code on a van in your area.

"This research now shows how big the problem is now, which is only going to get worse."

The report also warned the plans to end the freeze on fuel duty wil make business prospects worse for the self-employed.

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