Workers fix pothole in record time

Workers fix pothole in record time

Two workmen in London were filmed recently fixing a pothole in just over three minutes.

The video, posted online by the Telegraph, could be a sign of things to come as councils look for quicker solutions to the growing problem of crumbling roads.

A couple of community officers stopped traffic on the busy street near Victoria Station on Friday to give the workmen a very brief window to carry out a repair.

The pothole was filled within a matter of minutes, causing minimum disruption to the flow of traffic.

Westminster City Council attributed the speedy work to a new thermal road repair machine that it is currently trialling across the capital, essentially working by heating up the tarmac in a shorter space of time.

A combination of hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters has seen the number of pothole fixes needed in Westminster jump from 1,675 in 2009/10 to 2,360 in 2012/13 - hence the need for a quicker fix.

It can cost £220 to fix a pothole within two hours using current methods, while an entire junction can cost £25,000. Motorists should make sure they plan their journeys accordingly when road repairs are in operation.

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