Worker paints over dead hedgehog

A council has admitted that a road worker painted yellow lines over a squashed hedgehog rather than move it off the road.

The dead animal was discovered by shocked mother-of-four Allison Hart who said she couldn't believe workers hadn't moved the hedgehog.

The flattened hedgehog was painted over in Hartlepool, while the town was preparing its streets for the Tall Ships Races, which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Ms Hart found the dead hedgehog outside her mother-in-law Margaret Mcleod's home in Hart Lane.

The 37-year-old, who works in a florist and fruit shop, took a picture on her mobile phone and showed it to disgusted customers.

She said: "It's unbelievable. The whole town went double yellow line mad for the Tall Ships.

"Someone walking with a liner went over the hedgehog with yellow paint.

"They knocked on people's doors to get them to move their cars, but whoever did this didn't even ask for a shovel to move the poor hedgehog.

"All they had to do is kick it to one side. It's shocking really."

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokeswoman said: "Contractors have done a phenomenal amount of line painting in and around the town in preparation for the Tall Ships Races.

"They have done an exceptional job. This is obviously an unfortunate incident, but it was the only one reported during the massive project."

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