Work on London cycle highways poised to begin

Work on London cycle highways poised to begin

Three cycle superhighways in London that would also help to speed up some car journeys are a step closer to being introduced.

Transport for London (TfL) has launched consultation on building the lanes, which Mayor Boris Johnson says would deliver a balance of benefits for motorists.

The A40 Westway flyover, between Swiss Cottage and the West End and between Farringdon and King's Cross are the three potential locations for the cycle superhighways.

Westbound car journeys would be six to eight minutes quicker as a third lane would be added to ease a bottleneck at Savoy Circus, according to TfL estimates, although motorists travelling east to Edgware Road would face an extra delay of one to two minutes to their journey.

One of three eastbound lanes on the Westway would have to be removed to accommodate the two-way superhighway.

The proposals are being rushed out to ensure responses are received before the 2016 London mayoral election, which will be held on May 5.

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