Women urged to inspect used cars

Figures show that although half of the UK`s driving population is female, less than 20% are carrying out used car history checks.

According to HPI the UK's leading independent vehicle information specialists, four in five women questioned by the firm believe understanding the vehicle's history was the most important thing when buying a used car, but feel uncertain about carrying out the checks themselves.

Instead female car buyers would rather place the onus on the car dealer, their husband or male friends to actively check out a vehicle and seek confirmation of its history.

The research also found that when women were buying a used car they had to ask to see this information rather than it being volunteered automatically.

Nicola Johnson, business manager for HPI, said: "While female buyers are just as aware as their male counterparts of the pitfalls of buying in the used car market, they feel much more vulnerable about putting themselves through the buying experience."

HPI is urging women to arm themselves with information and advice to help them carry out the checks themselves and avoid any nasty surprises later down the line.

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