Women shop drink-driving partners

It seems that a fifth of drink-driving men in Scotland stand to lose more than just their licences if they get caught, according to a road safety survey.

It has found that one in five women would dump their partners, while among both sexes, half would shop their own family members and 70% would report a stranger.

The Road Safety Scotland study also found that women are twice as likely than men to walk out on someone who drives over the limit. Just 8% of men would do the same.

Director Michael McDonnell said: "This research proves just how widely unacceptable drink-driving has become, and this is no longer just the view of the police, but women throughout Scotland.

"Turning their back on partners and close friends who drink and drive sends out a strong message, and also highlights the consequences drink-drivers can face. Not only could they lose their licence, but their partners and even friends and family."

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