Women 'may drive without insurance'

Nearly 35% of female motorists aged 17-24 said any serious increase in their car insurance premiums following a European Court ruling would force them to drive uninsured, according to a new survey by One Poll.

Of the 3,000 young women drivers questioned, 12% said a 25% increase in the cost of cover would force them to stop driving.

Over a tenth (11%) of those polled said they would have to look for a second job in order to find enough cash to insure their vehicle.

The European Court of Justice's decision, earlier this month, to ban the assessment of car insurance premiums on the basis of a policyholder's gender meant higher premiums for women.

According to theAssociation of British Insurers, the court ruling could cost female motorists aged under 25 about 25% extra in car insurance premiums, while male drivers could save some 10% in theirs.

The report showed that 15% of women drivers said they might have to change their job to one closer to home if they faced a hefty premium hike, while 5% said rising costs would prevent them from getting to school or college.

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