Women 'fail to maintain their car'

In comparison with men, women are less likely to undertake car maintenance tasks on a regular basis, research has indicated.

According to the study by online used car retailer Autoquake.com, 12% of women admitted they do not check their car's oil level. This compares with fewer than 8% of men.

Around 14% of women fail to check their tyre pressures, while only 7% of men said they never check.

Nearly, 20% of women also never check the tyre tread-depth. By performing basic car maintenance tasks, motorists can save on breakdown cover.

The study added that female drivers are also more prone to get the basic car maintenance tasks done by someone else.

Almost 15% of women said they pay someone else to get coolant levels checked, while only 5% of men opt to do the same.

Also, 9% of female motorists pay to check their washer fluid level. This compares with just 3% of male drivers.

Drivers from Northern Ireland are more regular in taking care of their cars than those in other places, with over 11% checking their tyre pressures every week.

Only 1% of motorists undertake such tasks in south-east England.

A third of Northern Irish drivers check oil levels weekly, but only 3% of motorists in the South East do.

Autoquake chief executive Dermot Halpin said: "Failing to top up the car's oil level could lead to engine failure and a huge repair bill, while not checking your tyres' tread depth could mean your car is unsafe - and illegal."

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