Women drivers worry more than men

A new study has revealed that women tend to worry more than men while driving even though they are less likely to have accidents.

Research conducted by Autoglass found that 69% of female drivers, compared with 64% of their male counterparts, admit to getting agitated on the road.

The poll, which surveyed 3,000 people, found that arguments with relatives and friends could affect the mood of 39% of women and 28% of men while on the road.

The biggest cause of stress for both male (63%) and female (75%) is the poor driving skills of other vehicle drivers on roads.

Meanwhile, racing against time to avoid being late is also a high stress factor, affecting 47% of women and 34% of men.

Autoglass managing director Matthew Mycock said: "It is clear from the survey that women are feeling life's pressures more than men when they get into their cars, making their driving experience more stressful."

It is advisable that such stressed out people have theirbreakdown cover in place to avoid any untoward situations.

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