Women drivers 'more likely to bump'

Women drivers involved in road accidents are more likely to have scrapes and bumps, while men tend to be involved in more head-on collisions, new research has shown.

A study of over two million accidents by insurer Diamond has found that most claims from women are for collisions on roundabouts and hitting cars from behind.

They are also more prone than men to have their car broken into and valuables stolen.

Accident data from the past five years has shown that male motorists are more likely to drive into crash barriers or up and down embankments.

Men also report more vehicle fires than women and are more likely to drive through floods.

Diamond's managing director Sian Lewis said: "It's very strange that men's cars are more likely to catch fire than women's. I can't explain why that would happen.

"But one reason why women are more likely to have their car broken into is perhaps because they're more likely to leave expensive items, like their handbag or sunglasses on show than men."

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