Women better at car DIY than men

A study has found women are less likely to make mistakes than men when it comes to car maintenance.

According to a poll by oil brand Castrol, most women will not have driven on a flat tyre, forgotten to use anti-freeze or put petrol in a diesel car by mistake, while many more men will have fallen victim to the costly mistakes.

Figures show girls are 11% less likely to have over-filled fluids in their engine whilst topping up their oil, water and brake fluid.

But the results which suggest women are car savvy may be favourable due to a lack of women carrying out repairs.

The survey found a sixth of female drivers admit they do not know how to open their car's bonnet.

Motoring expert Quentin Willson, who is backing Castrol's 'Right Oil for Your Car' campaign, says: "I'm a great closet feminist and reckon women do lots of stuff better than men.

"They get too much stick for their supposed lack of knowledge about cars, so it's great to see the sisters doing it for themselves and getting stuck into the male territory of DIY car maintenance."

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