Women admit to 'bad directions'

A new survey has shown that almost half of women drivers think they have a poor sense of direction.

The Boxby.co.uk poll showed that 47% think their sense of direction is not very good.

In the survey carried out by the courier company, around a quarter of women said they lose their way when driving. Of these, two-thirds have got lost in their home town.

In contrast, male drivers believe their sense of direction is better. Around 85% said they had a very good sense of direction, with just 11% admitting it could improve.

But women disagreed with this assessment, as 35% said they knew men who get lost on the roads on a regular basis.

Of the 1,087 women and 870 men polled, 72% of men preferred to drive on rather than stop to ask for directions - a trait considered annoying by 75% of women.

The poll also found that 29% of women admitted they had asked a partner or friend to park their car, with 42% saying they would drive past a space in a car park if it looked too difficult to get into.

In contrast, two-thirds of men said they had never been beaten by a parking space.

As many as 78% of women thought they were good map readers, with 53% believing they were better than men in this area. A total of 72% of men said they did not feel they needed maps or sat navs.

Boxby.co.uk managing director Sandra Patterson said: "There's no doubt that there is a certain stereotype surrounding female drivers, which is a real shame.

"I think our study proves that men often think they are the stronger sex when it comes to driving, especially in terms of confidence."

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