Woman unhurt as windscreen shatters

A motorway driver whose windscreen shattered when it was hit by an object thrown from a bridge has escaped serious injury.

Police said the young motorist, a woman in her 20s, was lucky not to have been badly hurt.

Hopefully she will have the appropriate car insurance cover to pay for the damage.

The object was thrown onto the M20 in Kent at junction three, on Saturday.

Kent Police inspector Nick Sparkes said: "This could have quite easily smashed the windscreen and struck the driver with disastrous consequences.

"There have been incidents of this kind before and I cannot emphasise strongly enough that on this occasion the driver was lucky.

"Throwing anything at a moving vehicle is irresponsible and malicious, but to throw something large from a bridge at a moving vehicle could kill someone.

"I encourage anyone with information about this to contact the police."

A year-and-a-half ago a driver was killed in a crash on the A20, caused by a rock thrown at a lorry from a bridge.

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