Wireless charging points to be trialled

Wireless charging points to be trialled

Drivers can look forward to the "exciting possibility" of having their electric cars charged as they drive, under new plans announced by Highways England .

If this year's off-road trials are successful then motorists may not need to get out of their cars to recharge electric batteries on lengthy trips.

A wireless charge network would be built underneath England's motorways and key A-roads, subject to a feasibility study after the trial. The test will see both hybrid and electric cars installed with charging capabilities to synch with the under-road system.

Only this week the Government unveiled the first of a new network of fast plug-in points at Cornwall's Eden Project tourist attraction.

The agency says it is still "committed" to fitting such points for eco-vehicles across every 20 miles of England's motorway network. This will cater for the growing revolution in electric cars, which now number over 35,000 in Britain according to the SMMT.

Mike Wilson, chief highways engineer for Highways England, says the agency is committed to backing the expansion of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) on its road network.

He believes the tests will help open up fresh opportunities for freight companies nationwide and make the road network more sustainable.

Andrew Jones, the Transport Minister, says wireless power technology can provide exciting possibilities by helping drivers to have their ULEV cars recharged on the go.

He said the forthcoming trial shows the Government's willingness to explore fresh ways of making eco-journeys better. Ministers are investing £500 million between now and 2020 to keep the UK at the head of such innovation.

This will assist with growth and new job creation in this industry, Mr Jones added.

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